Group Members

My Black Hole Astrophysics group in TDLI started in 2021. Member’s research is wide variety covering from theory to observation related black hole astrophysics. We have a weekly group meeting for students (Wednesday) and postdocs (Thursday).
This is the current member:


  • Dr. Zhenyu Zhu (Oct. 2021 -), TDLI prized postdoctoral fellow
  • Dr. Hongzhe Zhou (Sep. 2022 -), TDLI prized postdoctoral fellow
  • Dr. Indu Dihingia (Dec. 2022 -), TDLI prized postdoctoral fellow, EHT member
  • Dr. Hai Yang (Summer 2023 -), TDLI prized postdoctoral fellow

Ph.D. Students:

  • Hongxuan Jiang (Sep. 2022 -)
  • Mingyuan Zhang (Sep. 2022 -)
  • Xufan Hu (Sep. 2023 -)

Undergrad Students:

  • Yunming Zhu (Sep. 2022 -)

External supervising Ph.D. students:

  • Saurabh (Sep. 2021-), master student in Charusat Univ., India

Past Members:

Join our research group:

I accept undergraduate and graduate students (master or Ph.D.) as a supervisor and am looking for a postdoc to work with me. Information is the following:

If you are interested in it, please get in touch with me.