Dr. Yosuke Mizuno

T.D. Lee Fellow / Tenure-track Associate Professor
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute & School of Physics and Astronomy
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
email: mizuno [at] sjtu.edu.cn

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Welcome to my website. I’m Theoretical Astrophysicist. I’m interested in theoretical and numerical astrophysics for the black hole and related high-energy astrophysical phenomena of relativistic astrophysical plasma in the universe. My research is covered in black hole astrophysics, including the accretion and relativistic jet formation around black holes, jet propagation & stability, magnetic dissipation in jet & particle acceleration, black hole shadow, and the theory of gravity. I am a developer of the general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics code RAISHIN and a contributor to BHAC (Black Hole Accretion Code). I’m a contributor to the general relativistic radiation transfer code BHOSS.

I am a member of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project and was one of the coordinators of the EHT Theory and Simulation working group (2020-2022: together with Prof. Jason Dexter and Prof. Hung-Yi Pu. ; 2017-2020: together with Prof. Charles Gammie and Prof. Hung-Yi Pu). Currently, I’m a committee member of the EHT Speakers Bureau and a member of the EHT Science Council.


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Commentary Articles (newspapers, popular magazines, news websites)

  • Published commentary article about EHT Sgr A* black hole shadow image (BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) (12.2022) [Part 5] (Japanese)
  • Published commentary article about a black hole in the universe (BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) (11.2021) [Part 4] (Japanese)
  • Published commentary article about a polarimetric image of black hole shadow of M87 by EHT (BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) (07.2021) [Part 3] (Japanese)
  • Published commentary article about the theoretical interpretation of EHT M87 black hole shadow image (BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) (03.2021) [Part 1, Part 2] (Japanese)

EHT Science Results (Press Release)


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I always welcome undergraduate students (Zhiyuan Honors Program) to join my research group and do small undergraduate projects. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.