Welcome to Peng Group!

The cutting-edge time-resolved STM/AFM techniques

We are an experimental research group in condensed matter physics. We focus on the investigation of not only steady states but also various non-equilibrium states (e.g., electronic excited states, charge transfer dynamics, spin dynamics, etc) of single molecules, 2D and strongly correlated materials with simultaneous ultrahigh spatial resolution and ultrahigh temporal resolution by developing cutting-edge time-resolved scanning probe microscopes including the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and atomic force microscope (AFM). See more

We are actively seeking postdocs, Ph.D. students, and undergraduates!!! See more Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our research


2024.06 – We successfully held the project initiating meeting of “青年973项目” managed by Professor Peng.
2024.04 – We went to Dianshan Lake for a spring trip.
2024.04 – Mr. Letian Zhang and Mr. Xizhen Li join our group’s “致远未来学者” undergraduate program. Welcome!
2024.03 – Lab construction is nearly completed.(Link)
2024.03 – Mr. Zi Ye joins our group’s undergraduate program. Welcome!
2024.01 – Mr. Hu Chen joins our group as a PhD student. Welcome!
2023.12 – Prof. Peng was invited to present our research to the undergraduate students at Zhiyuan College.(Link)
2023.06 – Welcome Mr. Hu Chen to our group as a visiting scholar!
2023.06 – We are delighted to welcome Mr. Bowei Cheng as a postdoctoral researcher to our group!
2023.06 – Ms. Runqing Zhai joins our group as a PhD student. Welcome!
2023.06 – Professor Peng, Bowei Cheng and Zeyuan Wang join the the 33rd CCS Congress.
2023.04 – Mr. Zeyuan Wang joins our group as a PhD student. Welcome!
2023.03 – Our invited review paper on qPlus AFM technique is online.(Link)